Research Highlights

Variations in the Age of Arctic Sea-ice and Summer Sea-ice Extent
Three of the past six summers have exhibited record low sea-ice extent on the Arctic Ocean. These minima may have been dynamically induced by changes in the surface winds. Based on results of a simple model that keeps track of the age of ice as it moves about on the Arctic Ocean, we argue that the areal coverage of thick multi-year ice decreased precipitously during 1989-1990 when the Arctic Oscillation was in an extreme “high index” state, and has remained low since that time. Read more »
Impact of observations from Arctic drifting buoys on the reanalysis of surface fields
These maps show that in areas where observations from buoys are available, the reanalyses fields provided by NCEP/NCAR, ECMWF and JRA are more accurate and better constrained by the in situ observations. Read more »