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Deployment Plans 2023

Click the image to the right to view a PDF containing the IABP Deployment Plans for 2023.

Deployment Plans 2020

The map on the right shows a broad overview of IABP deployment plans. The yellow tracks show the expected drift of buoys reporting on the Arctic Ocean in May 2020. The IABP and Collaborators planned to deploy over 100 buoys at over 70 different locations during the Spring (green), and Summer (red) of 2020. The deployments shown in blue were cancelled due to COVID-19. Deployments in shown in bold, red text are planned for September – November 2020.

Deployment Plans 2020 (pdf)

IABP Deployment Plans 2020
(Chronological order)



Buoy Types: [Sensors] and other info.

AITP: Acoustic Ice Tethered Profiler [Ocean Temperature & Salinity (TS)] AXIB: Airborne eXpedable Ice Buoy [P, Ta]. Currently under development to be air dropped and survive freeze up. Contacts: Pablo Clemente-Colón and Ignatius Rigor Calib: [P] built by Metocean. Primarily deployed by CIS on ice bergs. GPS: Global Positioning System [high-resolution ice motion] Ice Beacons: [P, Ta] built by Metocean (deployed in hole drilled into sea ice) Ice Canisters: [P, Ta] built by Metocean (placed on sea ice) IMB: Ice Mass Balance buoy [P, Ta, Ti, snow, ice thickness]. Contacts: Jackie Ricther-Menge, Don Perovich ITAC: ITP: Ice Tethered Profiler [ocean Temperature & salinity] built by WHOI. Contacts: John Toole & Andrey Proshutinsky. O-Flux: Ocean Flux buoy built by Naval Postgraduate School. Contacts: Tim Stanton, & Bill Shaw. POPS: Polar Ocean Profiling System [ocean temperature & salinity] built by Metocean in collaboration with JAMSTEC. Contacts: Takashi Kikuchi (JAMSTEC) and Greg Connors (Metocean). SVP: Surface Velocity Profiler [P, Ts]. SVP-US: 10-30 SVP provided by USIABP & NOAA GDP built by Metocean or Technocean. Contacts: Ignatius Rigor. SVP-E: 10-15 SVP provided by EUMETNET built by Metocean. Contacts: Pierre Blouch. SVP-EC: 1 SVP with an anemometer provided by EC. Contacts: Ed Hudson, Yvonne Cook. SVP-BT: Air deployable SVP buoy. Contacts: Pablo Clemente-Colon and Ignatius Rigor

Acronyms and other miscellaneous info:

AWI: Alfred Wegener Institute. Contacts: Ursula Schauer, Christian Haas CASIMBA: CAnadian Sea Ice Mass BAlance. Contact: Christian Haas CIS: Canadian Ice Service CTD: Measures Ocean Temperature and Salinity DAMOCLES: Contacts: Jean-Claude Gascard, Cecilie Mauritzen EC: Environment Canada EUMETNET: European Meteorological Network (http:). Contact: Pierre Blouch GDP: Global Drifter Program. Contact: Shaun Dolk, NOAA JAMSTEC: Metocean: Metocean Data Systems (http:www.metocean.com) NABOS: Nansen and Amundsen Basin Observing System. Contact: Igor Polyakov NOAA: US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration PSC: Polar Science Center (http:psc.apl.washington.edu) SAMS: Scottish… Contacts: David Meldrum Switch Yard: CTD field project. Contacts: Peter Schlosser, Mike Steele Technocean: Contact: Jeff Wingenroth USIABP: US Interagency Arctic Buoy Program managed by National Ice Center and Polar Science Center. Contacts: Ignatius Rigor & Pablo Clemente-Colón WHOI: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution