About the maps

Daily Maps: generated automatically every morning

  • Table of buoy information
  • Map: shows buoy ID, latest pressure, and temperature.
  • NSIDC Ice Concentration with buoys overlaid
  • Track Map: Shows latest buoy positions with drift from the last 60-days.
  • IMB-ADS Map: Shows positions of Ice Mass Balance (IMB) buoys which measure basic meteorology, snow and ice conditions. These buoys are typically collocated with buoys that measure other geophysical parameters such as JCAD and ITP for Automated Drift Stations (ADS).
  • Ocean buoys: JCAD and ITP buoys which measure upper ocean temperatures and salinities.
  • Nares Strait: Special map provided to support collaborating projects in Nares Strait.
  • Arctic Basin: Track Map zoomed in to focus on the Arctic Ocean.
  • North Pole: Special map centered at the North Pole to support collaborating projects.

Monthly Maps: generated once a month

  • Table
  • Bathymetry with buoy ID
  • NSIDC Ice Concentration with buoys overlaid
  • Deployment History: shows year that each buoy was deployed
  • Deployment Logistics: shows who deployed the buoys.
  • Instrumentation: shows which buoys have basic met. sensors.
  • Programme Participant: shows who contributed the buoys.
  • Buoy Type: shows what type of buoys are deployed. See hardware page for more details.

Special: Maps provided to users to help support special (short-term) projects.