Data Products

Real-Time Data

Buoy data files are updated daily and made available via the link below. Values provided are confined to surface temperature, atmospheric temperature, and barometric pressure when these values are available. All buoy files contain at least a date and position.

Daily Updated Data

IABP Datasets

The following datasets are described in IABP Buoy Reports [FTP] and are also available from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). NSIDC also maintains pages which describe the data and data processing techniques in greater detail. To see these pages, click here.

These datasets can also be retrieved from anonymous FTP server , or by clicking on the bulleted hot buttons that follow.

To view some documentation in postscript click here [FTP].

To view some documentation in plain text click here [FTP].

  • AB [FTP]: Pressure and temperature fields as described in the buoy reports.
  • WARNING: These AB datasets are 20 - 30 Megabytes when uncompressed. Compressed, they are only about 4M, but if you grab these datasets through mosaic rather than through ftp, make sure that you have enough disk space free in your temporary and home directories since the default action of mosaic would be to grab the dataset, then uncompress it which could crash your system if you do not have enough space.

  • C [FTP]: Buoy positions as described in the buoy reports.
  • D [FTP]: Ice velocity fields as described in the buoy reports.

More IABP Datasets